What are UI and UX?

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There's nothing better you can do for your website directly than investing in proper, professional UI and UX design.

UI and UX

In as few words as possible, UI (User Interface) design is the practice of designing all visual aspects and elements of a website so that it is both appealing to users and functions correctly and efficiently. This includes everything from colors and fonts to buttons, forms, pop-ups, and more.

Meanwhile, UX (User Experience) design focuses on how a user interacts with and experiences a website as a whole. This can encompass a number of elements, such as ease of use, intuitiveness, and overall appeal.

The reason these concepts are important is that they are, among other things, what defines your website's first impression. A potential customer or client will make judgments about your business within the first few seconds of arriving on the site. If it doesn't look good or function well, they're likely to leave and never come back.

They'll be more inclined to stay and look at what you have to offer if your website is well-designed and simple to navigate. They may even tell others about their good experience, resulting in even more visitors. It's not just potential customers that benefit from a well-designed website, either. Your employees will also have an easier time working on and maintaining the site when it's properly designed. This can lead to increased productivity and fewer errors, which will save you time and money in the long run.

How to improve both?

If you're working with WordPress and have chosen Elementor as your page builder, then one of the best ways you can improve both UI and UX without needing to go to complex lengths such as hiring a team of developers is using a 3rd party plugin like Gloo. Gloo has 70+ features all centered around improving your design workflows and making a better product that will improve all your UI and UX metrics, with ease, and without having to code whatsoever.

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